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Armerad Betong Vagforbattringar universally known as ABV originally a Swedish Contracting Company which was founded in the year 1918.

In 1974 , ABV opened and registered a branch in Saudi Arabia having offices in Al-Khobar, Riyadh and Jeddah. Contracts were executed in those areas, having Clients such as Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Ministry of Defense and Aviation, General Directorate for Female Education, Royal Commission for Yanbu and Jubail plus a number of private establishments.

In the beginning of 1980, the company Saudi ABV General Contractors Co. was formed. The Head Office is located in Jeddah, K. S. A. Saudi ABV today has developed into a diversified general contractor having its own design department for design and build contracts and its own installation department for turnkey projects. The Company has successfully completed Projects worth more than 2000 Million SAR (US Dollars 533,000,000).

Saudi ABV is fully owned by Saudi Arabian nationals. Saudi ABV's capabilities in regards to financial, technical and resource wise (like manpower & equipment) are good and there would be no hesitation in undertaking single projects worth 1000 million SAR (US Dollars: 267,000,000:) or more. A medium size project worth less than 200 Million SAR can be easily executed by Saudi ABV's own staff without any major sub-contractor involvement.

At present, Saudi ABV employs more than 100 well experienced Engineers including number of Westerners in various disciplines, other staff, technician and labour numbering more than 600 and in addition there are more than 1500 people working for Saudi ABV as Sub-contractor and manpower supplier. In addition to SABV's own resources it is enjoying very good reputation in Construction business circle including very stable relation with many organizations like ABV Rock Group, Yanbu Steel Company (Former PDM, SA), Metal Service Company, Trans Desert Transport Company, The Innovators Consulting Engineers etc. etc.

The know-how, the technical expertise and the management organization has helped Saudi ABV to develop a Management System that has qualified Saudi ABV to be the first General Contractor in K. S. A. certified by BSI and SASO for the compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements, and the eighth company overall in the Kingdom registered by SASO.

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